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Julian Assange plans suicide to fake his murder?

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2016 Sep 02, 07:32:47 PM

Julian Assange plans suicide to fake his murder? Maybe...It would be convenient to blame the USA, especially Hillary Clinton. Read more

Turkey: Military coup in progress - USA sponsoring Freedom and Democracy again?

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2016 Jul 15, 11:21:35 PM

I told you so:

Brexit: Another revolt against the USA that is spreading like the Arab Spring

Brexit is the public vote in favor of a British exit (Br-exit) from the European Union (EU). The key factor that prompted the UK's decision to leave the EU is the influx of refugees from the wars the USA has started in the Middle East. The EU is pro-USA, and they're basically cleaning up the USA's mess, so the USA can keep their voters in favor of more wars. ...
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The world's most popular VPN gets shutdown by Russia

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2016 Jul 12, 09:46:14 AM

Private Internet Access (PIA) has been shutdown by the Russians:

To Our Beloved Users,

The Russian Government has passed a new law that mandates that every provider must log all Russian internet traffic for up to a year. We believe that due to the enforcement regime surrounding this new law, some of our Russian Servers (RU) were recently seized by Russian Authorities, without notice or any type of due process. We think it’s because we are the most outspoken and only verified no-log VPN ...
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How credible would a future President Trump be if...

By badon, read 1861 times, 0 comments, Write Comment
2016 Jul 10, 10:59:11 AM

A very interesting point of view from the author of Dilbert, who happens to be smarter than his comic looks:

The FBI, Credibility, and Government | Scott Adams' Blog

This gets me to FBI Director James Comey’s decision to drop the case against Hillary Clinton for her e-mail security lapses. To the great puzzlement of everyone in America, and around the world, Comey announced two things:

1. Hillary Clinton is 100% guilty of crimes of negligence.

2. The FBI recommends dropping the case.

From a...

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IT blames USA greed, says CEO's are afraid of looking stupid - bank crash soon?

By badon, read 1883 times, 0 comments, Write Comment
2016 Jul 10, 10:46:40 AM

Some gems from Former IT salesman: 'In part I blame the American mindset that took hold' | Joris Luyendijk | Opinion | The Guardian:

[...] so-called chief information officers, the top executives responsible for IT [...] are managers, skilled in office politics, not technical experts. [...] I worked for one of the major software companies in the world. It took my boss a year and a half of begging and pleading with the secretary to get a meeting with the CIO of a major client. CEOs are wor...
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